Tuesday, December 13, 2011

American Girl Birthday Celebration

One of the things I love most about having daughter is that we both LOVE to do all things girlie :). We love getting our hair fixed, playing with makeup, nail polish, etc. So when Ally turned 4 last year I knew she was going to LOVE the American girl store. This is one of the coolest places for girls of all ages. Ally plays with "Lila Anderson Wood" all the time and since Ally and my niece Lila both have December birthdays we decided to celebrate by visiting the Galleria for a family lunch at the American Girl Bistro.
This was one happy girl!
She loves all the little accessories is DYING for a real pet. Maybe this small American girl dog named Honey will hold us off for a bit?:)))
Ryan was very sweet to her on her special day. I mean---check out sister's SASS!!
"Mom, this is the bitty baby I want for my real birthday"
fun times on the escalator
watching the dolls in the Salon
Aunt Cary recently told Ally that she was part of the of Middle Sister club. Right now they are the only middle sisters in our family. I'm sure Caroline will one day join the club for for now it's exclusive to Caryn and Ally. Ally has clung to this and frequently reminds us that she is a little sister and almost a big sister. These two are actually quite similar in the middle sister ways, and Ally has a wonderful Middle sister roll model!
This was Lila's first visit to the American girl store, and she loved it as well.
picking out a doll to way with, since I totally forgot our Lila doll in Waco--opps.
Oh this picture is a perfect depiction of Lila and Ally right now. Lila is constantly checking to see what her big cousin is doing and then she does the same exact thing!! I know this stage won't last long but it's priceless to watch these two together right now.
Is there something wrong with brushing the dolls hair with knives?? Who are their parents anyway?
The girls got to wear special crowns since we were celebrating their birthdays
Love this girl SO much and I cannot believe she'll be FIVE this week.
I think Lila was excited, what do you think?
this pic cracks me up
Caroline got to join the birthday fun since she's a December baby too.
This is how Ryan felt about all the pink!! ha
one big happy family
GP and Honey
The Warren fam
and the Wood family
After lunch it was time for a pink cake of course!
Make a wish...
This girl LOVES her some sweets---she can put away some cake and ice cream!
Such a fun early birthday treat, and we can't wait to go back soon.

Love you very much Ally girl.

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Katy said...

What a fun day!! I love this post. :) and that store!

And yes, Ally has a wonderful "middle sister" role model!