Wednesday, December 17, 2008

He did it!

What a difference a day makes. Our Little Man did so good this morning! He marched right up there with a crown on his head no less and sang his little heart out. He didn't do the motions but this is a HUGE victory in our house. He wasn't screaming, or crying or not willing. Oh, Ryan you made mommy and daddy so proud this morning! Who says bribery doesn't work? Honey promised a small LEGO if he would sing, so off to Toys R Us they'll go tonight. Thanks so much Honey!

Ally had to wear the crown too!

Grandma was also there this morning and she sure was proud :)

GP and Honey were there too watching the entire performance...remember what I said about loving Waco! My mom was introducing the different classes and Ally was screaming I want to go see "Noney" the whole time. Pretty hilarious. She says H-H-H Noney. She can say the H sound but for some reson my mom is Noney to her-:)

One proud mommy!


Kylie said...

Good for him!! Yea!
One day I'll get to see my son in a Christmas program :)

MLP said...

You are one proud, BEAUTIFUL mommy!!!

How wonderful! I know you refer to Ryan in this post as "Little Man", but oh my GOODNESS...what a big boy he is in those pictures!

So handsome in that sweater!!!

You guys are precious!!! Go Ryan!