Thursday, December 11, 2008

A cup of JOY

Last week I hosted a table at a Women's Ministry event at our church. It was called A Cup of Joy and let's just say that my heart was not filled with Joy that night! I really did have a terrible attitude about attending this event, bringing all my dishes up to church and sitting with women I didn't know, etc. But, do you know what I was actually blessed in spite of myself. That is a lesson I seem to repeat over, and over and over. It's NOT about me!!! Honestly you think that I need a baseball bat to the head sometimes. (or the back door of my explorer...that's worked well in the past!!!) I had a great time visiting with women of all ages in our church, and got to know several new ladies. We had a grown up tea party and then a woman spoke from Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas and she was great! She had a very vivid illustration about God clearly speaking to her, telling her that she needed to clean a public Texaco restroom that I will never forget. The point of her story is that when God asks us to do something we want to be able to say yes Lord, with a happy attitude. That is exactly what I needed to hear that night. His timing was usual.

My snowman table

Katy, Lauren and I. Such sweet friends -:)

Katy's beautiful table

And Lauren's gorgeous table

Maybe next year you can join us? With a little J-O-Y down in my heart, deep, deep down in my heart!


MLP said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH...what beautiful tables and what a wonderful post. You are just amazing!!! I love your sweet, honest, precious heart. I'd love to join you next year!!!

You are all such beautiful and sweet friends!!!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

What a great idea! This is something I have never heard of before. Your table was beautiful too. I love the way God works in us don't you? Even with a bad attitude He doesn't give up on us and can quickly put us back to where we need to be....close to Him.
I appreciate your hoensty and being real. God shines through you my friend!

Brett and Katherine said...

Thanks for such a sweet post! We actually had a women's Christmas dinner at church last night and I kind of had a bad attitude too. It's always so much work and it's so easy to focus on how tired I am, etc....So, your post has perfect timing! :)