Thursday, December 4, 2008

Giving Thanks

What a joyful Thanksgiving weekend we had! Kacey and Josh were so gracious to host our Purdy Thanksgiving on Saturday in Houston. Everyone helped cook different dishes, and Kacey set a beautiful table. We had the best time despite a few mishaps. Stacey III got an awful stomach bug, I dropped the macaroni (yeah that's right I dropped the entire dish-But I'm sure it was going to be delicious:), the dog ran in covered in mud...and many other small things that will make this a Purdy Thanksgiving to remember! Nothing seemed to faze Kacey and Josh, so you can imagine how calm they were the next few days. Simply Amazing! Now on to Monday morning:


Kacey checked in to the hospital the night before with a scheduled induction so we know that some time on Monday we would get to meet Lila! We had an absolute blast waiting as you can see from the pictures above. Ryan and Ally were just incredible, and they both got extra special stocking treats for their behavior that day. Ally and Wyatt even napped in the waiting room, which is completely unheard of! Meanwhile Kacey was so beautiful and calm throughout the entire day.

And then, a little after 4:00 we saw Josh walking down the hallway all smiles! He immediately showed us Lila's first picture and all her beautiful brown hair and he told us how amazing Kacey did. She is PERFECT! You can only imagine how ecstatic we all were. Screaming and crying and taking like 400 million pictures. Oh there's no telling what the other people in the waiting room were thinking...

Proud Papa

The Warren family of 3!

GP's 5th grandchild...I just love this picture

My very first niece. I was just so excited I was blubbering.

Sweet Aunt Cary

Josh's sister Roxann and Caryn's son Wyatt meeting Lila...he wanted to know all about her!

Mark and Ally and Ryan also got to meet Lila but I didn't get pictures with all my crying, etc...The next day Wyatt was still checking her out, so cute!

Ally didn't know quite what to think, and she definately did not like me holding another baby!

Kacey I love you so much and I am so proud of you and Josh. Congratulations!!! My baby sister has a baby, unbelievable! You guys are already such great parents. Love you!


Wendi Junod said...

Oh I have so much to say...I'm sorry I'm laughing about the Thanksgiving meal. Nothing like keepin' it real! You're pictures are awesome. I seriously have ridiculous feelings for my little niece so I know the emotions! What a fun Cmas the Purdys will have this year. Hopefully not so many unexpected situations! do you do pictures like that..collage business??

Mindy said...

This is a Thanksgiving week you guys will never, ever forget!!! Loved all the pictures of your beautiful, precious family.

Caryn said...

Oh, Ang what a great post, made me cry!!

The Grahams said...

You dropped the macaroni?!?!? Oh, Angie, that is just such a shame I can't even put it into words! : )

Lila is BEAUTIFUL. Congratulations!