Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fake Christmas

Ryan named our Purdy Christmas "Fake" Christmas since we celebrated a few days early, and the name stuck. We all were calling it Fake Christmas by the end of the weekend. :) We had the best time celebrating together. The night began with GP reading a story about the true meaning of Christmas and then we opened presents, had a delicious meal, went on a scavenger hunt and took our annual family picture in matching PJ's. I love getting to spend time with my family and this year did not disappoint! Here are some pictures of a great weekend!

Here we are, in all our Purdy, Anderson glory! I am loving the PJ's this year mom- Vera Wang for the girls- only the best. (gotta love Kohl's)

We have had such a great December: Lila's birth, Daily stockings- (so far he has only missed 3 days, not bad, huh?), Christmas programs, Womens' Tea, Christmas Parties, Supper Club, A Cookie Exchange, Ally's 2nd birthday, and Fake Christmas. It has been such a fun year to watch my children really "get it". Ryan is fascinated with the Christmas story and how Baby Jesus was born in a stable. And Ally says, merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to everyone she sees.

So from the Wood family to yours We wish you all a VERY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Caryn said...

I love it, great pictures and lots of little moments I missed in the midst of everything going on. Hope you guys have a fantastic Christmas!!

Mindy said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I am loving the Purdy Family Fake Christmas!!! The pictures are great...you guys are all so amazing! What a family!!! A most precious family!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pj's! Too cute!

Merry Christmas, Sweet Friend!!!

Keep Your Eyes on the Stars said...

Love the PJs!!! I would love for my fam to do that, but I thiink our guys would just think we were stupid!! Love them!!!!!

Nicki W. said...

haha! we call them "fake" christmas too! so funny!