Monday, December 8, 2008

Build A Bear?

While we were in Houston we had to do a little shopping, of course:) We went to my very favorite shopping center, Highland Village and they just happen to have a Williams-Sonoma! We went in and they were having a FREE Build-A-Bear cooking class. My kids love to cook and bake so Honey and I were all over this. We got them a place right up front and made sure that they had everything they needed to make an awesome Bear. They have these bear cake molds that they made with Rice Krispie treats and then the kids got to decorate them and take them home. Such a fun time!!!

Ally LOVED this build a bear. She really couldn't get enough!

My little pastry chef

One of the workers just feel in love with Ally and she was very helpful. (Ally even gave her a bite of her treat, which of course freaked me would be proud to know that I didn't even say one thing to her about how we don't share our food with STRANGERS!)

Ally ate more than she decorated!

My little Reindeer -:)

I thought this picture summed up our shopping day perfectly. Ryan playing a game on my phone and Ally right by his side every step of the way. He really is so loving and patient with her, it's too sweet!


Shannon said...

Precious! I didn't even know WS did that! I need to check ours out more often. Thanks for loaning my mom the were a lifesaver!

Caryn said...

You didn't tell me the part about the Stranger Danger! way to play it cool!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Well of course they fell in love with that sweetpea! just can't go wrong in that store! What a fun time. Your children are so precious. I am voting for you guys to have another soon. (like my vote counts. ha!)You just have beautiful kids.

Mindy said...

HOW FUN!!! Will Waco ever have a WS?!? ha ha!

Your kids are too cute and they have such a sweetness about them...just like you!

Lovin' Ally's shirt..Haddie is wearing hers tomorrow!