Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day of School!!

Halleluia!!! School has started! I love summer and the lazy mornings, but man oh man by mid-August it's time for structure and school.   This year they were ready.  No tears, no fighting, fresh uniforms, new backpacks, lunches packed...ready!  Ally is in first grade and Ryan is in 4th.  They seemed really old to me this morning.
Rushing to get a picture...they were ready but I'm still no morning person.
backpack shot....or lineup
 Brady LOVES taking the kids to school....and yes this Bubba got a haircut (way too short!)
 Racing in
 Our annual Honey picture. So thankful for her!   
 First grade cousins in the same class again=epicness (according to Ally)
 The wonderful Mrs. Lindsey, we're thrilled to have her this year!
 caught ya smilin' dude
 Moms I adore. It is amazing to all be in the same town and school.  I LOVE them!
 2013 Hospitality Committee and Bffs
Lila and Honey
 and my sweet mess(es)
Here's to another great year!

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