Thursday, August 8, 2013

August,'s AUGUST?

July around here was for the birds so I'm VERY happy to see August rear it's hot head, but I am not ready for homework, fall sports, commitments and everything that comes with the start of another year.   I am however very ready for school to start and get back some semblance of routine around this place.  It's like that Pinterest quote:  I don't like routine until I get overwhelmed and then I need routine!

Way back on July 4th weekend Brady came down with hand, foot and mouth disease...which let's be honest is a third world disease and for sure the MOST ridiculous virus we've ever had.  Fever, sores in his mouth, hands and feet (hence the name) and fussy like he's never been for a full 7 days.   Ryan and Ally left early with my parents to enjoy a long 4th weekend at the lake, which was wonderful for them...not so much for me.    While my older 2 enjoyed 5 days of awesomess at the lake, I sat home with sick Brady and cried.  It was terrible not being with everyone on the 4th of July, and I sunk into a funk for sure.  After caring for Mark from his surgery, taking a whirlwind trip to Dallas, being separated on a holiday from my children by the dumbest virus ever I really thought we were done.  Thought wrong.  My kids came home from the lake with a stomach virus.  Not a typical one, it was the most violent one we've ever had around here.  Ryan was sick for 6 days had to go to the ER and had a 4 day migraine that no medicine touched.  Ally was a little better and just sick for 4 days but it was hell around this place.  I don't do so well when I am confined to my house for very long.  I wish I had better perspective on fleeting illnesses but I'm not there yet.  I get upset, frustrated, exhausted, angry and resentful.  I seem to lose sight of what's important, and get bogged down in the struggle.  It's a real struggle inside me.  Am I going to kick and scream and curse or be patient and loving and caring?  I fail  a lot.  Thankfully everyone made a full recovery by the end of the month.  I really needed some work on my sickness and health vows, and compassion.  I hope I learned my lesson, and pray to handle it better next time.   No sense in getting so worked up over things I cannot control (no matter how much Purell I use :))

This guy still is a complete mess and cracks me up everyday.  Ally left the shower door open for .5 seconds and he was in!

I choose Joy.  

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Melissa said...

Let's just say, as you know, I'm exactly the same way. Trying so hard = fail = Ahhhhh in my brain. Love you so! I'm glad everyone is well. Poor babies! Poor momma. Hugs.