Friday, August 23, 2013

BU Basketball camp

Ryan's favorite camp of the summer was finally here! He LOVES BU basketball camp and has done it every summer since he was 4.  A lot has changes since he was 4 :).  The camp it from 9-1 each day and they run a lot! The most anticipated event is the final scrimmages, and I was happy to be there when it all went down.

My tall guy getting ready to play in the finals....he's wanted to win this since first grade!

 BFF Jake
 Pep talk from dad
 Cheer squad

 YES! his dream came true, Ryan's team W-O-N!! 
 Awards and shirts passed out by Coach Drew
 inside he's expolding with happiness :)))
 Awesome job Bud!
Mark and I always enjoy how competitive Ryan is at everything, and the leader he is out there on the court.  He's gonna make a great coach someday!

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