Friday, August 9, 2013

Lost Pines--my favorite.

Ahhhh, Lost Pines.  I'm not exactly why I adore this place so much but I do.  I love the spa, the smores, the lazy river and the pool side beverages...I love it ALL.  I feel so relaxed and always enjoy not cleaning up messes for a few days.  Everything at this resort caters to families.  And this year the trip it came at the perfect time!! Every other summer we take a Purdy family vacation, and this year it was to my favorite Texas Resort.

Having a 15month old that still naps and doesn't walk yet was a tad challenging but so is life right now.  We arrived and headed straight to the pool.

 (and passed this Cowboy on the way)
as long as we kept the snacks coming this guy was happy
 a little pool basketball
 and some splash pad fun with sissy

 sadly this event completely tore up Brady's feet :(

a family that snacks together, stays together

 Ryan actually asked to take a out cause the sky is probably fallin'

 a quick phone game, and then inside to our room.  
 This is Brady's "get out" face/cry/scream/whine.  The boy doesn't like to be in a stroller anymore
 But sweet James Wright still loves his!
 First night there were some talented face painters so Ally, Lila and Caroline had to partake in the fun!
Ally wanted a garden

 so cool!
 Ride 'em cowgirl
 Sweet peas
 the next day the Smith crew joined the fun...a lot of watermelon was consumed
 big foot
 Cousin lovin'
 Sorry dad but had to include #9 and #10 grandchildren
 monkey see monkey do
 checkers while you wait for dinner
 sisters! My hair looks like a Christmas Tree, oh well on vacation right??!
 I mean SO cute
 Wood party of five
 Warren party of five
 glow in the dark golf
 crazy Purdys
 more swimming!  Ally on the slide
 Mark on the slide
 oops missed Ryan
 paint a cow piggy bank
 BU cow
 and rainbow cow
See you soon Lost Pines!

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