Monday, August 26, 2013

My beautiful daughter and her dysfunctional teeth

A few weeks ago (seems to be the opening line of every post lately), Ally had to have two baby teeth pulled.  She unfortunately has her mother's mouth---I mean teeth!  She doesn't have my sassy mouth, my son was blessed with that one.  Oh how my mom smiles at Ryan's constant talking back and arguing minutia.  He is as stubborn as me and his poor mouth gets him in such trouble. sigh. Back to Ally.  Poor sweet angel is going to have dental and orthodontic work for years, and it's begun.  We love our pediatric dentist and are very thankful that she was feeling no pain on the day of the extractions...but I must be honest it's SO odd to see your six year old heavily medicated :).  It's a trip.  We arrived an hour early got the good drugs and watched some of Enchanted.  Then she laid on the table, had laughing gas and those baby teeth were goners.  She doesn't have a few permanent teeth so the roots were still attached and oh my, I hadn't seen a tooth with a root was HUGE!! Ally has shown everyone those teeth and she's so proud of them.  So as of toady she has one front permanent tooth, which makes for interesting speech and eating.  She could have zero teeth and would still have the best smile.  I love watching her figure stuff out and then proudly smile when she's got it.  Ally you are a joy giver, laugh maker and amazing young girl.  You make each day brighter.

Her new toy for bravery

And...she learned how to braid this summer! She's so proud
Love that girl to pieces.  

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