Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brady's FOUR months

Oh my sweetness! Brady is 4 months old! He remains the easiest, most consistently pleasant member of the family :).  I wish he would sleep all night long but I know that day will come.  He is off the charts in both height and weight and is generally a happy little guy.  I am amazed at his size and everywhere we go people ALWAYS think he's older than 4 months.  He is lovely and I'm constantly amazed that I have THREE kids!  He's going to be dedicated in church this Sunday and I vividly remember when we dedicated Ally thinking that 'I'll never be up here again for this exact same thing'---funny how things have changed.  XO
Here's some four month shots of Brady boy

I get this inquisitive look a lot.  I can actually feel him thinking and learning.
 laughing at Ally and Ryan---a daily occurrence 
 For my "official" four month photo shoot he did not want to give me a million dollar smile.  little stinkier.
 busy, busy, busy kicking and cooing
 he's always checking everything out
 new trick this month---ROLLING! He's a high roller' these days-ha.
Stats this month:
Height: 27 inches
Weight: 20.6 lbs---wow

New things:
Rolling over, scooting all over your crib (you're always in a different spot than where I put you) Rice cereal once a day, no more nursing, drinking 6-7 ounce bottles 6 times a day, laughing out loud, talking all the time, your love sleeping with your silky and holding your lovey in the swing

Still love:
bath time, eating :), playing on your Mat, the swing, the stroller, being outside

Still don't like:
THE CAR!, sleeping all night, loud noises, when I walk out of the room


Meg said...

all i have to say is i LOVE a giant baby boy :) and--i am so glad your #3 is your easiest...and--how cool is it that His ways are not ours??

Melissa said...

I love those pics! He is so big...Mak weighed 20lbs at the ripe old age of 3!! Unbelievable. So happy for you, still!