Thursday, August 30, 2012

First day of school 2012

I feel like this summer flew by in the blink of an eye! We've been in school an entire week now so I guess I need to stop living in denial that we have TWO kids in school all day every day.  How did this happen? I feel like I was just dropping Ryan off at Kindergarten and now Ally's there?!
I am so proud of these two children and I know the Lord has great things in store for them this year.
My sweet excited kids
Ally had 'homework'--- she was thrilled and couldn't wait to show Mrs. Sims.  She is really loving school and has been super tired but ready to go every morning.
 backpack shot {Ryan hadn't chosen a new backpack since Kindergarten but we talked him into getting a bigger one this week and now he sports his under armor one proudly}.
 My babies! My sweet friend Lauren came over to watch Brady for me the first day of school because Mark was in Florida.  Thank you Lauren!!
 Here we go...deep breath mommy.
 Our annual Honey picture by the tree! Ryan's going to be taller than her before we know it!
 Ryan and his wonderful teacher Mrs. Stroman. 
 And Ally and the fantastic Mrs. Sims
 love this
 And these four
 So fun to see our cousins at school.  This year LILA is there too on T/TH so Honey has a lot of gran kids at WCS.  Such a blessing!
 hope Mrs. Sims can handle these two :)
 Wonder what they are talking about? It is such a great class.
 Sims room moms :) and some of my favorite people ever!
Here's to a fantastic 2012-2013 school year.
Chin Chin 

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