Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh-oh-oh-oh LYMPICS

My family really enjoyed watching the 2012 Summer Olymics every night.  Swimming and women's gymnastics were our favorites by far but there were several track and field sports that were acted out with great enthusiasm in my living room.

Brady was a huge supporter of the USA -He-he:).  Who knows he might be an athlete someday.  His  size would for sure win the baby Olympics!
This was the night that my kids thought they were as fast as Bolt-dream big kids!
 Ryan getting his 'Bolt" pose on
 then he ran some sort of hurdle/obstacle course event
 and of course Ally got in on the action

 and then she gave me her best 'Bolt' impression.
These kids crack me up every day.  Love the Summer Olympics!

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