Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brady's baby dedication

Last Sunday we had the honor of dedicating our baby boy in front of our home church.  They have changed things a little since we dedicated Ally and it was a wonderful day for our family! We took a 'baby dedication class' the previous week taught by our fabulous Children's Minister, Barbara Smith. We each picked a scripture for our baby, were given great parenting resources and talked about what it means to dedicate your child.  We really have the best children's program in town and I love that Barbara takes the mission of educating children for Christ seriously and passionately.  I gotta admit I was a little emotional Sunday morning.  I think I was overwhelmed with gratitude that we were blessed with another child and dedicating our family to raise him to know Christ.
I love this child so much! Check out that sweet little face.
He was super laid back the whole time
my whole family was there to see Brady's big day.  Sorry about cutting you out of this pic Mark---oops!
A blessing to be up there with some of our BFFs.
Brady James Wood on the big screen just chillin'
 The verse we chose for Brady is Psalm 92:4 "I sing for joy at the works of Your hands".
 Praying over our families
Sweet cousins so excited to be done and playing on the stairs. 
 Family shot #1
 and #2...I was sweatin' by this point :).
We are so privileged to be your parents.  I hope and pray that you will see Christ in us and be drawn to Him at a very early age.  I know that God has big things in store for you.  So big that he made sure you were born! I love your calm personality and you are a wonderful baby (thanks for that).  We celebrate you through dedication because it is scriptural to dedicate children.  Even Jesus was dedicated as a young boy!  We're not only dedicating you but our whole family and not just our family but our church family as well.  We love you and praise His name because of you.

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