Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mother's Day

 It is such an incredible blessing to be a mother.  I had no idea when I was pregnant with Ryan just how wonderful and fulfilling and hard and exhausting motherhood would be!!  I count it a blessing every day(even those days I want to pull my hair out) to raise these kids of ours.   I have also been on my knees before the Lord A LOT more since becoming a mother.  There are days I feel overwhelmed with our schedules, or parenting in general but I know that the LORD knows my every weakness and He continually gives me grace-can I get an AMEN!

To start off Mother's Day weekend, Ally and I attended a Mommy-Daughter Tea at the Arboretum.  She was so excited to spend some time alone with me and I am so thankful that we went.  

Ally and her friends at the tea.  There were LOTS of pretty hats, but we opted not to wear ours (mainly because we didn't have any:))
 Then we had a mother's day brunch at WCS and Ally made me several handmade gifts that I treasure. 

 Honey and Ally at the brunch
 This year has been so fun for me and Ally because she is in class with my very best friends' kids.
Heather and Landry
 Lauren and Charley
 Erica and Aubrey
 Caryn and Wyatt--double bonus to be with our COUSIN!
 and Denise and Justin
 We LOVE Mrs. Dunlap's class 2012!!!
They all sang some great songs for us.  Ally really loves to sing!
 Is there anything sweeter???!!!
 Then we got to celebrate my fantastic mom--HONEY! Here she is spotting her new lake hat, very cute.  GP and the hubbies cooked a YUMMY lunch for all the moms.  We were served very well
 Some pics with the grandkids (minus the youngest three)

 The very best moms I know!! 
 I am so blessed~!
 This year was extra special because we had a extra special gift from the Lord-- Brady boy---here he is in his favorite spot at Grandma's grinning at Daddy.  We also celebrated with Norma and had a wonderful home cooked dinner
 My ally girl
 and my first-born
Thank you for making my day extra special and waiting on my hand and foot.  I love you guys!


Katy said...

Sweet sweet post! And yes, you Purdy girls are some amazing mothers! ;)

fairy bride said...

both you and your girl are beautiful :)