Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mark's 39!!

I am officially married to an old man... It's amazing how he keeps getting older while I stay 29, really weird :).  Honestly, my man has just gotten better with age and I am SO thankful for him!! I am also thankful that Stacey and Caryn decided to throw a joint b-day party for Mark and Josh at mom and dad's because with a almost 3 week old last Sunday, I was SPENT and couldn't have pulled it together.  So sorry Josh that I don't have one single picture of you, but we are also very thankful for our crazy Uncle Frank and glad these two share April as their birth months.
Caryn, thank you for the festiveness!!
With all NINE cousins in one place it can get L-O-U-D and crazy.  Sweet Caroline did not like it one bit when her GP and Honey held Brady.  She was great when her momma held him but she wasn't havin' her grandparents focus on another baby.  It was pretty funny!
 This little one cracks me up...
 And these three peas in a pod played and played and then played some more.
 here come the Staceys:) Thanks again for the amazing Grub Stac Steele, it was SOOO good
 The official party planner minus one teething baby
 Happy Birthday!!!
 These two will have a lot in common since they are the babies of the family
 onto the gifts...the kids are always very interested in the opening of the gifts.  
 New kicks, and a nephew that's sportin' a great do-rag---ha!
 Every year we get Mark a new Ranger t-shirt and this year it had to be YUUUUU Darvish.  Ryan picked this out, and was very proud.
 mom, seriously?? He keeps trying to tell me the Bears are the best, but I will always love my Red Raiders!
 Party of five 
 crazy pic--sort of how I feel these days ;)
 Happy 39th bday babe.  We love you very much and are incredibly grateful for all you do for our family!
Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for your 39th year.

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