Tuesday, June 5, 2012

End of the year party at Mrs. Dunlap's house!

 Ally had SUCH a wonderful year in Mrs. Dunlap's five day preschool class.  She loved going to see her everyday and we will miss Mrs. D like crazy this summer!  One of the things the entire class was looking forward to was the end of the far party at her house.  She has land, horses, chicken and a pool---basically a 5 year-old paradise.  It was a little chilly this May morning but that didn't stop these two swimmers.

First swim of the season, and I think this sweet face says it all!
 Ally and her 'boyfriend' Landry.  
 Ally and McClaren--We are already missing Miss McClaren a ton this summer.
 and another cute chick
 Ally and Lady the horse
 Ride 'em cowgirl

 Caryn and cowboy Wyatt
 Me and my wet-headed cowgirl :)
 and Landry
 and Charley
Thank you Mrs. Dunlap for a FANTASTIC year.  

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