Monday, May 14, 2012

2nd grade Poetry Recital and Field day

Ryan chose the perfect poem for his second grade poetry recital.  Here he is giving an exciting rendition of play ball!! His love for the stage has not changed :) it's still not his thing but he DID IT!!!
The poem...
Play Ball!
by Lillian M. Fisher
It was my turn to bat
And I hit the ball
So hard it sailed
Right over the wall.
The crowd went wild.
I started to run.
How happy I’d be
If my team won.
First base, second,
third—I’m home free!
Hurrah for my team!
Hurrah for me!
(His sweet 2nd grade class)
 We have some major perks having the Administrator of the school in our family!
 His cheering section

 The sleepyhead Wood family :)
 And since Ally was at school during the performance I have to include this sweet pic.  She is like Brady's second little adorable!
 We had WCS field day the same week and Ryan loved every second of it.
 They had some fun relays.

 And everyone's favorite Tug-of-War

 Such cutie cousins.
Spring time at WCS is full of FUN activities and we are very thankful that our children get to attend school there! 

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