Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Coming home with baby #3

Since Mr. Brady made his arrival so early in the day I only had to stay one night in the hospital.  I thought that would be horrific and it probably would have been if my mom wasn't coming over to stay with us for a week.  There are no adequate words I could write that would express just how grateful I am to you mom for sacrificing your sleep so that we could function at home as a family of five.  Honey really is amazing.  She slept on the couch and would bring Brady to me every three hours so I could nurse and then she would burp, change and get him back to sleep after EVERY single feeding.  The best gift ever!  Thank you thank you mom.  We love our Honey!!!

While we were getting ready to leave the hospital we had a few more visitors.
Kacey and Katy and Miss Mary Claire (Brady's first girlfriend)
The Hensleys

 Honey.  I LOVE this picture!
 His sweet coming home outfit
 Here we go...ready or not.
 Getting ready for his first car ride
 Ahhhh home sweet home.  Ryan couldn't wait to hold him again.
 And Grandma came over too see her sweet grand baby
 Honey patiently letting Ally help give Brady his first bath at home

 More sweet visits with Ann
 and Heather
 and Sissy helping give him a bottle
 and Braden
 and Caden
 and Kristiana and Elizabeth
We have had several other friends and family visit and I didn't get a lot of pictures so I apologize for that.  We have been extremely blessed with meals, gifts, prayer and help getting kids from school, dance, baseball, gymnastics so THANK YOU ALL VERY much for helping with this third baby transition.  We are very loved and honored that you care so much for our family.

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