Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sweet baby, Crazy Hair Day and Bubble Baths

The thing that has been the most different with Brady's arrival is that life doesn't stop when you have an 8 and 5 year old. :) Spring time is busy busy with baseball and school activities so we've been on the go WAY more than I would have even dreamed of doing when Ryan and Ally were babies.  Brady is a little trooper and has been to a lot of little league games (we stay in the car for the most part), his newborn photo shoot, field day, playgroup, lunch with Ryan at school, and lots of car rides to school with Mark in the morning while I desperately catch up on some sleep. He's super laid back (except when he's hungry) so it's working so far. Here are some pics of our precious boy

AHHHH I love newborns in these little sacks.  Ryan and Ally both had the barefoot dreams PJs too and they honestly look like little triplets when you see their pictures side by side.
 Daddy's little Rookie (thanks Cari:))
 2 weeks old here and loving having his hands free.  He scratches his face horribly so they are usually covered
 Is there anything sweeter than teeny tiny baby feet?? LOVE them

WCS celebrated Texas with an entire week of fun at school.  Ryan's favorite day was red, white and blue crazy hair day. I love that he participated in these events at school.  He's come a long way baby!
Crazy haired cousins

 We look pretty awesome huh?!
 Ally was living the high life as well with a fabulous bubble bath at Honey and GPs. 
Pretty girl
 Grandma bought some huge Jelly Belly bubble wands for the kids and it was the perfect treat-thanks Norma!
Life at the Woods is better than ever :)))

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MLP said...

I love everything about this post. Your family of five is precious!!!!! If I don't get Brady's little gift dropped by soon.. ...uggg! I'm terrible. Love y'all:)