Monday, February 27, 2012

We have a NAME!

Who knew picking a name for this miracle baby would be so hard. It's funny how with each of our children we've had a name or two that we like at the beginning and then by the time we actually name the baby those first names are out the window! I guess that's a good thing. They only get one name. It definitely takes time and energy to pick our baby names and it's not something that happens overnight. We knew the middle name was going to be James and the last name was set, so all we had to do was pick a wonderful name with at great meaning that sounds good with Ryan and Ally---easy right?!!

I thought I'd ask all the nieces and nephews as well as a few other family members which names they like and here are the results---they are hilarious!!

Lila: Ryan Jesus Wood
Ally: William Wood
Wyatt: Stripe Wood or Pumpkin Wood
Stacey: Nathan Wood
Ryan: Monogram Wood or Grievous Wood--big jokester
Mark: Yorvit Wood (nice huh?)
Uncle Frank: Roger, Napoleon, Elvis, or Carlos Wood (jokes of course)
Aunt Cary: Wade Wood or Jude Wood
Nana: James Wood

And other names that were on my list for a while:
Peyton, Drew, Evan, and Zach

The name we finally went with is....DRUM ROLL Please....


Brady means "spirited one" and that fits him perfectly so far. He is constantly moving and kicking and very "spirited". We are thrilled with our decision and it has been so nice to start calling him Brady! The kids have been very helpful in working on the nursery so I decided to let them paint and decoupage his name for the wall. These kiddos of ours LOVE a project.
Ally painting the Big 'B'

Ryan working hard on the 'a,d,y'

And letting them dry. I forgot to take pictures of tracing the letters cutting them out and them gluing on the paper. They worked very hard on this and I love seeing their finished project hang in the nursery. :)
The big B
Here's the finished product...

We Cannot wait to meet this little guy. 6 more weeks to go!

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KendelRichards said...

CONGRATS!!!! I LOVE the name!!!