Thursday, February 23, 2012

Forgotten Twin Tea Party

WAY back in December I had the JOY of watching these two little cuties so Caryn and Stacey could close on their new lot/house. My dad is building them an amazing home in Lake Forrest right now so go check it out. They have been framing up a storm and it's been really fun to see their plans become real.

Coyt and Crew are absolutely hilarious right now and they have grown SO much since these pictures. I had to post them because they are so CUTE!!

What 'cha doing? Oh nothing just sitting here in our awesome IKEA highchairs eating some treats. HA! Ally and Wyatt were having a play dough extravaganza in the background.
Ally really wanted to have a Tea party with her cousins so that's exactly what we did.
YUM, this tea totally rocks Ally!
Oh and I need a little cream in mine...
What's this awesome thing Aunt Angie? A Spoon! How cool!
Hi precious. They look JUST like baby Caryn to me.
Oh yeah, this creamer is the best...
This little princess had the time of her life. She's going to be a great big sister!
Umm...I think there's something missing from this spoon.
The big cousins showing them how it's done!
Would you like some baby shark with that whale you're eating. Oh yes it's delicious!
Love these babies so much!

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