Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine's Day

This year we had a very low key Valentine's Day. The kids both had parties at school, we had a kids Zumba party---I'm still teaching kids Zumba on Tuesdays for a few more weeks, and then Mark brought home our favorite Carino's for dinner. It was a tiring day but FULL of LOVE. I am so blessed to be more in love with my husband now than 12 years ago and I couldn't even imagine how being a mother would expand my heart with LOVE. I always enjoy Valentines day and this year was no exception.

Grandma gave Ally this adorable super sparkly outfit, and she couldn't wait to wear it to school:)
Party time in Mrs. Dunlap's class. I was in charge of this party and had to sit in a chair most of the time because of these silly contractions I keep having. The next six weeks can't go fast enough!! The party was a big hit with this little girl and that's all that matters.

Such a fun, crazy class!
This was the only picture I got of Ryan's party but he had a blast as well, and I'm pretty sure he ate 5 or 6 meals that day!
Ryan brought home this Valentine Art project and I LOVE it, it's on our fridge and it reminds me of the Greatest Love!
{Oh and note who can write cursive's hilarious he gave all his cousins his autograph the other day. LOVE that kid}

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