Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ally update

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments, and prayers for our Ally girl! We are so thankful to be home this week and returning to our semi-normal schedule. Our insurance company did not approve or deny the claim for genetic testing so I guess it's pending...whatever that means. We decided not to do it out of pocket at this point since it's incredibly expensive and we'll have pricey lab fees, hospital bills and BABY bills coming our way very soon. Dr. Grayson said we could do this test at any point in the future so for now we're waiting.

I've had so many people ask me what this diagnosis means and honestly we don' t know too much about it. We were instructed that she will always have a low platelet count and that we shouldn't give her Advil or Motrin only Tylenol and that's pretty much it at this point. Her labs will always be funny and her platelets will forever be giant. The only thing I am still struggling with is her fatigue. It may be her low platelets, her schedule, or she may have something else going on entirely. She's had every thing checked: anemia, white blood cells, red blood cells, viral studies like mono, I have to believe that if this fatigue was indicating something the Doctors at Scott and White would have found something.

That's my prayer right now---that she would have her full energy back and that her fatigue is nothing. She is back at school half days right now and loves going to see her Honey during recess:). We are also trying to rest every afternoon, and work on her diet a little bit in hopes that she'll feel a better soon. The thing that is so puzzling to me about her tiredness is that it's not all the time or even every single day. She'll have two days a week where she seems completely fine and then for the next three days she'll be really, really tired. It's exactly like when kids go through growth spurts and they seem a little "off" for a few weeks. She has just been"off" since October. I would love for you to continue to pray for her. Thank you in advance for doing that. Mark and I talked at length this morning and worrying about this is doing us NO good!! It's not good for us to sit around and try to be Doctors, so I'm throwing this one up to the Ultimate Physician and moving on from my worries. {And all God's people said....AMEN, (that's just for you Vanessa!)}

I am going to get caught up on my posts today, so I hope you enjoy the overload of pics to come.

{Also Thank you to my two Supper Clubs groups. Ally wants to wear her Barbie nightgown every single night:) and the gift cards and meals this week have been a blessing! XOXO}

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