Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ryan's Bears Basketball

Ryan had another great season of basketball this year. Mark loves to coach his teams and they once again dominated the competition!! There is a big difference in 2nd grade basketball. The coaches can't run on the court with the players, they call fouls(sometimes:)), have free throws, etc. So it feels more like a real game.

I am so proud of my two super studs.
Mrs. Wallace, Ryan's teacher made it to a game again. She really is the absolute BEST!!

Before each game they say a prayer, gotta love the Woodway Family Center for that reason alone.
Jump Ball---it's blurry but you can see Ryan get it :()
Pep talk from Coach Weaver and Coach Wood
Action shots from the game. I hate to brag, but that#9 can play some basketball y'all!
The Bears Biggest cheerleaders
RW's fan club
Daddy and Ryan---look at how tall this kid has gotten--
Another great season Bears!! Way to go

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