Thursday, February 23, 2012

WCS Happenings

We enjoyed our Spring PEP rally at WCS in January. I love that they have two of these a year. The kids look forward to the screaming and yelling and screaming :). This season we were introduced to the WCS basketball teams and the cheerleaders...which are SO cute I can hardly stand it.

Here's Ally and one of her besties McClaren
Landry, Wyatt and Ally--the three musketeers
Ryan and his silly friends Ethan and Austin. Ryan opted for no pom-pom yet again, but he loves it when others enjoy the fun!
And here they come...WHOO-HOO
Our school Mascot. The WILDCAT
WCS Cheerleaders led but the fabulous Erica Black
the preschool teachers leading a cheer :)
some crazy wildcats
My big Kindergarten nephew showing me his new smile.
The winners of the Spirit Stick. I can still feel my ears ringing from this group. WOW
Last 6 weeks our very own RYAN MARK WOOD was named the 2nd grade WOW cat. This is a huge honor since only 6 are chosen all year. We were very proud of our special 2nd grader. It's so nice for teachers to see your child the way you do!
At the beginning of February (actually right smack dab in the middle of this stuff with Ally) WCS hosted it's annual fundraiser, A Taste of the Wild. It used to be called A Taste of Honey but now that we're the wildcats the name changed. It was a HUGE success for the school and I had absolutely nothing to do with it this year! I took this year off all my school responsibilities except the hospitality committee and it has been a really nice break for me.

These two Wildcats were ready to go sing and bid on the auction items.
Of course the whole family came to support the school and Honey!
Every time I hear these kiddos sing worship music at school I tear up. It truly is the best school. Way to go Ryan, Stacey, Wyatt and Ally. Next year we'll see Lila joining them up on stage!
This school is a giant blessing to us and we are very fortunate to send our children there.
YAY Woodway Christian School!!

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