Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Purdy Pumpkin Party

If you've been reading this blog for a while you know that my mom is VERY creative and always up for some chaos and fun for the grandkids. A few weekends ago she asked the older five to come over for a Pumpkin Party, and they had an absolute blast!1 Thanks Honey and GP for making this a day to remember.
They started by making cards for their teachers, complete with lots and lots of foam stickers!

Caroline got to come watch since her Momma was out of town on a fun trip. She was really happy Kacey I promise :). Caryn was also out of town on a fun trip which is why you'll notice the hodge podge outfits on this particular day. I however was there and have no excuse.
After making the cards it was onto a race to find mini pumpkins in the backyard. Here's Honey going over exactly what to do.
Ryan counting the loot!
"Look Aunt Angie, I found one!!"
"I found TWO!"
"And I'm the happiest baby on the planet, especially when I'm outside watching these crazy cousins!"
Next was game time. Ryan was tossing the pumpkins into a bucket for candy---he could have played this all day.
Each time you got a pumpkin in the bucket you got to add a piece of candy to your plastic pumpkin on the table. Ally was showing Daddy all her candy.
And then...the Pumpkin Painting station! We have some serious artists in the family :).

Fun for all ages. Check out the beauties.
And then we raced to the front yard to find some spiders. They were pretty tricky to find in the grass but these kids were determined and loved "helping" each other find them.

(Yes that's chocolate on Wy-guys' face, I forgot to mention the ice cream treat.) After the spider game there was one more surprise. Honey came up with a great scavenger hunt to find their treasure.
We finally found it in the back of Uncle Josh's truck---whew!
THANK YOU again Honey and GP for loving these kids the way you do. The Purdy Pumpkin Party was AWESOME!

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Caryn said...

So fun, I love getting to see it all through your pictures!! And I am LOVING the new camera, great pictures. :)