Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Texas Rangers playoff game

Over the last 12 years of our marriage we have logged countless hours watching the Texas Rangers play ball. In fact Mark was working for this ball club when we got engaged! I also remember the night Ryan was born eight years ago, the very first thing Mark and Ryan did as father and son was watch a Ranger game together int he hospital. It's in our blood and has been a wonderful activity that we can do as a family. So...you better believe that when the Rangers made the ALCS playoffs Ryan and Mark were going!!
Mark surprised Ryan while we were in Lubbock with tickets and I think Ryan probably asked me 4,000,000 times on the way home how much longer until he gets to go to the game. We had a plan. Since we were traveling home from Lubbock with my parents, Mark would just meet us in Eastland and then he and Ryan would drive to Arlington from there---you know to save R some drive time. This was a fantastic plan until we all got to Eastland at 3:00 0n Sunday only to find out that the game had been CANCELLED. I haven't ever seen a more disappointed father and son in my entire life. So we drove home and waited for news of when it would be rescheduled.
Fortunately the game was on for the very next day at 3:00, which was perfect since Ryan was out of school for Columbus Day. YAY for good ol' Columbus! The plans were on and Ryan couldn't wait any longer.

Getting some pizza on the way to the game
Watching BP before the game at The Ballpark in Arlington
One happy duo. This picture makes me smile from ear to ear!!

The rangers won with an impressive walk off home run by Nellie and they saw the game of the series in person!! Way to go Rangers! I wish they could have won the World Series too. We watched every single game and let Ryan stay up WAAYYYY too late but they couldn't win game 6 and it was all downhill from there. Next Year will be our year :).
Thank you Mark Wood for making your son's dreams come true.

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