Thursday, November 17, 2011

BU Homecoming Parade

This year we were super excited to go to the BU homecoming parade because WCS was #125 in the parade and Honey, Ryan and Stacey got to ride on the float! That's right we're pretty big time around here :). Unfortunately, Ally was home with a fever and Mark stayed back with her since she's four and all. However, I got to go see the BU parade in all it's glory with the Smiths and we had a great morning!
Wy-guy was very happy to see some candy being tossed his way.
Sic 'em BEARS
We ran into these two while we were there. Lila looks like she could be a child model in this picture. She's so CUTE!
And bringing up the rear of the parade was Woodway Christian School!!
Such a cute sign
OK, this picture makes me laugh for a couple reasons. Look at Ryan 'gently tossing' us some candy!! I wonder if others were hurt?? He's firing that stuff with some serious POWER!. And second check out Honey's face---she's seeing what's going down and directing Stacey to come our way. So thankful for that Honey.
Sisters :)
I'm so thankful that we live in a college town and get to experience all that BU has to offer.
Happy Fall Y'all!

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