Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween this year. Halloween is always fun, but always a very busy week for us. We started the week by finishing up Ryan's flag football season with two games and a team party. The Crocs won their last game with two touchdown passes by my #1 stud-RW!! Way to go Crocs!
Ally then got dressed up for ballet and gymnastics, we attended the super fun Fall Fest at Church, followed by a preschool party and then trick-or treating---whew. No wonder I'm tired this morning. Since I am finally catching up on the blog I decided to combine all this week's activities into one jammed packed post full of several costume changes by Ally:).

This year I was that mean mommy who said I'm not buying costumes. You each have at least 10 different things you can be and the last thing I need in this house right now is more costumes. I know...it was mean. They honestly didn't care and just rolled with it. I think they both have come to realize that messing with their preggo momma doesn't go very far these days!

We'll start off with the beautiful Ballerina at dance class. She was very excited to wear one of her sweet friend's old costumes this year. She LOVES Ainsley and this made her week---thanks again Heather!
Pretty pretty
I love this picture of her at Ballet, getting ready for class. Doesn't she look like a real Ballerina?!!
Next up was Ally's gymnastics class. She opted for the BU cheerleading outfit for this class. Here are some of her sweet friends. Look how cute!
Her 4 year old gymnastics class
And then a quick change into her 'real outfit'. She picked this one out all by herself, and it fits her little personality perfectly.
Next up was the Fall Fest with the cousins. AHHHH these two are so adorable I can't stand it. (Wait until you see the entire Warren family this year...awesomeness coming soon on Kacey's blog)
Then we have Crocodile Hunters. Stacey and Wyatt were the hunters and the babies were the Crocs. I laugh every time I see this crew in their cool costumes!
Ryan choose to be "a City Champion" I mean it was a pretty cool choice since they did win the city tournament.
Best one I got, but you get the idea. Check out sweet Caroline the Crab!
These two melt my heart.
Look who made it in a picture :) Do you like my costume??!!
Now onto Ally's preschool party. Since we are equal opportunity fans here she chose to be a TUU cheerleader this time. Cute little one!
Daddy made a surprise visit and made her day.
Mrs. Dunlap's class. Basically all my friend's kiddos in one super-charged class.
Honey was a Zoo Keeper, which is a fitting title for her everyday.
Last but not least. Halloween night and trick-or-treating with the Weavers.

We made a quick stop by Grandma's and got some yummy treats
And then came to meet up with our friends and neighbors the Weaver family. We have a standing date with them every year and it's a blast roaming the neighborhood with our every growing crew.
Sweet Brinley
And the rest of the gang
Happy Halloween!

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