Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Three--Pirate Day!

There's just something about Pirates. The boys are fascinated with pirates and swords and everything associated with them. We have had a LOT of conversations about whether pirates are real, if they really wear skull and crossbones and walk on peg legs and shoot rifles at each other. I mean a. lot. of. pirate. talk. lately.
It turns out that there is a reality show called Pirate Hunters where our modern day armed forces fight real life pirates. Well, this show fascinated all the men in the family down to the very youngest and we now have talks about how the navy or coast guard or whoever it is??? helps police against pirates. Very fascinating stuff for boys apparently :-) Ally just follows suit and loves whatever her brother Ryan loves!
Honey Hit a HOME RUN with Pirate Day! They got to go to Hobby Lobby and choose their very own bandanna. Pure awesomeness.

And then they painted their pirate ships

And fended off their enemies :-)

And received a medal for reciting the memory verse of the week. My memory is failing me right now as to what their memory verse was, but ask any of the grandkids--they'll know it for sure!!! :-)

And like all pirates, they got to take all the fake coins they earned throughout the week and trade them into tokens at Chuck-E-Cheese. I'm sure it was a little Pirate heaven.

Mom and Dad, I cannot even begin to thank you for the great time that the kids had and the restful days that Mark and I enjoyed at home without our children. We are so appreciative for the fun you always create for them and for your continuous patience and Christlike love you give them. We are forever blessed by y'all! THANK YOU!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day Two--Toy Story Day

Day Two was Toy Story Day! My children really love the first two movies and were VERY excited that #3 was coming soon to a theatre near you! Honey knows her grandchildren well and knew that anything Toy Story related was going to be a big hit. We are short on pictures for this day because my sweet dad made a quick trip to the lake for Caryn and...

six of her closest friends since Jr. high!

But, I have heard in detail about this day and wanted to document their fun. They day started with Toy Story Yahtzee that Aunt Kacey had the priviledge of leading ;)

Followed by a round of Toy Story Bingo and a Wii Toy Story tournament!

And no Cousin Camp Toy Story Day would be complete without seeing the actual movie, so that's what they did. Honey took all 4 of them by herself to see Toy Story--Gotta love grandparents!!

After GP got home they enjoyed some time outside on the Toy Story Slip N Slide.

Another Super Fun day at Cousin Camp!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cousin Camp Day 1--Discovery Day

Well guys I know you all know how amazing my parents are but seriously, this year they have REALLY outdone themselves. Honey and GP had Ryan, Stacey, Ally and Wyatt for three days for a fun-filled adventure they call Cousin Camp, and WOW!!! kids had an absolute blast, and are still talking about all the cool things they got to do. To do this camp justice I had to break it down into three different posts. Day One of Cousin Camp 2010 began at 10:00 Am and it was Discovery Day...ooohhh, aaahhh!
As I was dropping off the kids, Honey had them come and sit on the couch to go over all the rules of cousin camp. This is when I made my exit, so THANK YOU GP for all of these pictures. It is always such a treat to see pictures of my children that I didn't take :-)

They got to Discover different art materials

And several science experiments. Aren't their little science goggles hilarious? Ally's favorite experiment was taking a purple bath. Kudos Honey for that little find!

After their experiments they headed to the park to Discovery Nature. Seriously yall my mom puts me to shame on her boundless amount of energy! I love this pic...

After lunch, they headed to the Mayborn to Discover the Lego exhibit and see all the cool stuff there.

Ummm, I know, these two are amazing. Now you know where the Cersey Party Planning Team gets all their creativity (and by "their" I mean Kacey and Caryn. I totally just copy my sisters stuff...they got the creativity gene and I got the cleanup gene, but they work well together:-)). Thank you Honey and GP for and terrific Discovery Day.

Stay tuned for day Two...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear DAD...Happy Birthday to you!!
Today is my dad's 60th birthday. And he doesn't look a day over 50 :-). My parents have always been big on birthdays so we wanted to make sure we celebrated GP in a big way this year. We had a surprise party for him this weekend, and he was really surprised! ( I think having 4 out of the 5 grankids for cousin camp and making a day trip to the lake had him off his game a little. We thought he would sniff out this surprise for sure, but he honestly had NO idea)


The decorations in Texas Tech colors of course

We all dressed in red, white and black too which was super cute! And the kids played with these balloons all night long.

The Warrens

The Smiths

And the Woods...our children were far too busy bouncing off the walls to stop and pose.

I caught one but the other one was...well, ya know how much Ry-Ry loves a picture!

The kids were SOOOO excited to celebrate GP

III got to help blow out the candle. I overheard him tell Ryan that he got to help GP now that he's 5 years old! How cute is that?

Sisters. Oh how I love having sisters!

And we also love our crazy men...

We did a lot of iPhone playing, eating red velvet cake,


and had a crazy good time.

My awesome parents.


We All love you very much and I am SO thankful that you're my dad. You are always available to come fix whatever we need, and never complain about babysitting your grankids or swinging by the house to bring me whatever I've forgotten. You are 100% supportive of all of us and You're a fantastic cook, husband, dad, and grandad. Thank you for loving us no matter what and for being the spiritual leader of this crazy crew. I hope you have a FANTASTIC 60th year!!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Your family