Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear DAD...Happy Birthday to you!!
Today is my dad's 60th birthday. And he doesn't look a day over 50 :-). My parents have always been big on birthdays so we wanted to make sure we celebrated GP in a big way this year. We had a surprise party for him this weekend, and he was really surprised! ( I think having 4 out of the 5 grankids for cousin camp and making a day trip to the lake had him off his game a little. We thought he would sniff out this surprise for sure, but he honestly had NO idea)


The decorations in Texas Tech colors of course

We all dressed in red, white and black too which was super cute! And the kids played with these balloons all night long.

The Warrens

The Smiths

And the Woods...our children were far too busy bouncing off the walls to stop and pose.

I caught one but the other one was...well, ya know how much Ry-Ry loves a picture!

The kids were SOOOO excited to celebrate GP

III got to help blow out the candle. I overheard him tell Ryan that he got to help GP now that he's 5 years old! How cute is that?

Sisters. Oh how I love having sisters!

And we also love our crazy men...

We did a lot of iPhone playing, eating red velvet cake,


and had a crazy good time.

My awesome parents.


We All love you very much and I am SO thankful that you're my dad. You are always available to come fix whatever we need, and never complain about babysitting your grankids or swinging by the house to bring me whatever I've forgotten. You are 100% supportive of all of us and You're a fantastic cook, husband, dad, and grandad. Thank you for loving us no matter what and for being the spiritual leader of this crazy crew. I hope you have a FANTASTIC 60th year!!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Your family


Katy said...

Might be one of my all time favorite Angie posts. Loved it! Great party y'all threw there. And what sweet things you said about dear old dad. :)

G.P. is the best!

p.s. When I saw that young lad picture of him, I thought---Stacey III!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

so fun! yay gerald for being a great dad we all love!

Caryn said...

Super sweet post Angie for our sweet Daddy. :) And I'm glad you got it up on his actual birthday - nice touch.

Am I making a phone call in our "crazy" picture?? Not sure what is going on there. ;)

Shannon said...

I LOVE GP! Happy Birthday to such an amazing man! I am so glad the party went off without a hitch and of course it was perfectly put together with a Tech flare. Loved all the red and black.

Sally said...

what a sweet celebration!! and cute idea to all wear the colors etc...loved it!! made the pics super cute and color coordinated. :)

i heard from katy girl that you sis may be having twin boys right?? AHHHH!! so exciting. :)

and can't wait to hear what casey is having too. :) lots of fun stuff going on in your fam!!! hugs!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Love every bit of this post! Sweet GP, who just the day before was a complete servant by driving 7 lazy mommas around the lake. Awesome family pic - framer for sure! Love the senior photo, the kids in the Tech gear, and the crazy pic of you ladies.