Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How is it already mid-July???

WOW! I cannot believe that it is already July 14th today?? JU-LY!! Honestly this summer has been busy, busy, busy and flown by so far. I am looking forward to relaxing for a few days while the kids are at cousin camp---THANK YOU HONEY AND GP!

Blogging has been on the back burner for me this summer so I apologize to you faithful few readers. In-between teaching Zumba, Camps, VBS, Swim Lessons, Play dates, trips to the lake, Dallas, and hanging with friends and family---blogging has been pushed aside. I LOVE the blog world and hope to be back in full blogger mode soon :-) For now it is just more of a scrapbook, and you know what, that's just fine :-).
Onto Ryan's Biddie Ball camp. He had the time of his life at the Ferrel Center this year. The difference between this year and last year is remarkable. He is ready for First grade y'all. ( I cannot believe that I just wrote that, but it's true I have a first grader!)

Some action shots

Ryan with his coach Richard Herd and his 6 year old teammates

Ally LOVED Biddie Ball camp too. She and her sweet new friend Amanda were hilarious to watch. We are so thankful for our new friends!

A little three-square with Ally, Amanda and Reagan

Henry Dugat and Ry-Ry

Mamadou was everyone's favorite this year.

Ryan and Landon had a great time this week and became good friends. So cool since I've known his mommy for like ever!

Jake and Ryan showing off their coolness :-)

Ryan and Coach Drew

Another fantastic Biddie Ball Camp. Hats off to all the coaches and players who make this such a F-U-N week for my son.


MLP said...

Check out that FIRST GRADE STAR on the COURT!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a little stud! I wish Walker would attend that camp (silly Aggie brainwashing!!!!!!!!!!!).

Ryan is looking so grown-up. Such a handsome little man!

Great seeing you today. Looking forward to playing soon.

Shannon said...

I love that our boys are buddies. We will play the next time we are in town for sure! Hope you guys had a great weekend celebrating your dad and that the kids loved cousin camp! Can't wait to hear all about it!