Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cousin Camp Day 1--Discovery Day

Well guys I know you all know how amazing my parents are but seriously, this year they have REALLY outdone themselves. Honey and GP had Ryan, Stacey, Ally and Wyatt for three days for a fun-filled adventure they call Cousin Camp, and WOW!!! kids had an absolute blast, and are still talking about all the cool things they got to do. To do this camp justice I had to break it down into three different posts. Day One of Cousin Camp 2010 began at 10:00 Am and it was Discovery Day...ooohhh, aaahhh!
As I was dropping off the kids, Honey had them come and sit on the couch to go over all the rules of cousin camp. This is when I made my exit, so THANK YOU GP for all of these pictures. It is always such a treat to see pictures of my children that I didn't take :-)

They got to Discover different art materials

And several science experiments. Aren't their little science goggles hilarious? Ally's favorite experiment was taking a purple bath. Kudos Honey for that little find!

After their experiments they headed to the park to Discovery Nature. Seriously yall my mom puts me to shame on her boundless amount of energy! I love this pic...

After lunch, they headed to the Mayborn to Discover the Lego exhibit and see all the cool stuff there.

Ummm, I know, these two are amazing. Now you know where the Cersey Party Planning Team gets all their creativity (and by "their" I mean Kacey and Caryn. I totally just copy my sisters stuff...they got the creativity gene and I got the cleanup gene, but they work well together:-)). Thank you Honey and GP for and terrific Discovery Day.

Stay tuned for day Two...


Caryn said...

Fun fun fun!! And I am going to have to TOALLY disagree with your creativity gene comment, while I can not ague that you undoubtably have the clean up thing down, you are incredibly creative, and don't need a lick of help from the other 2/3 of the Cersy team in that department. Love you!

shannonmichaelis said...

Girl, don't sell yourself short! You are just as crafty as the rest of your bunch, you just happen to be a great firstborn-clean-up-girl as well. Every family needs one to throw a good party. Love that your parents do this for all the kids!

MLP said...

I'm speechless and can't wait to see what Day 2 held! UHHHHH-may-ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved GP's Bday party, too. What an amazing family you ALL are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Libbie said...

Just now catching up on blogs....we saw your kids this day at the Mayborn and didn't know if was Cousin Camp. What great ideas your mom has. We have loved the Lego exhibit this summer. I know that Ryan has too.