Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Three--Pirate Day!

There's just something about Pirates. The boys are fascinated with pirates and swords and everything associated with them. We have had a LOT of conversations about whether pirates are real, if they really wear skull and crossbones and walk on peg legs and shoot rifles at each other. I mean a. lot. of. pirate. talk. lately.
It turns out that there is a reality show called Pirate Hunters where our modern day armed forces fight real life pirates. Well, this show fascinated all the men in the family down to the very youngest and we now have talks about how the navy or coast guard or whoever it is??? helps police against pirates. Very fascinating stuff for boys apparently :-) Ally just follows suit and loves whatever her brother Ryan loves!
Honey Hit a HOME RUN with Pirate Day! They got to go to Hobby Lobby and choose their very own bandanna. Pure awesomeness.

And then they painted their pirate ships

And fended off their enemies :-)

And received a medal for reciting the memory verse of the week. My memory is failing me right now as to what their memory verse was, but ask any of the grandkids--they'll know it for sure!!! :-)

And like all pirates, they got to take all the fake coins they earned throughout the week and trade them into tokens at Chuck-E-Cheese. I'm sure it was a little Pirate heaven.

Mom and Dad, I cannot even begin to thank you for the great time that the kids had and the restful days that Mark and I enjoyed at home without our children. We are so appreciative for the fun you always create for them and for your continuous patience and Christlike love you give them. We are forever blessed by y'all! THANK YOU!


shannonmichaelis said...

I love it! Such a fun idea - will have to pass that off to my folks. Love this tradition every year - especially now that both your kiddos can attend!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

That Honey is pure FUN! Your children will have such wonderful memories. I love all of the fun times they get to spend with their grandparents. Such a joy!

Mindy said...


"PURE AWESOMENESS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!