Friday, July 23, 2010

Day Two--Toy Story Day

Day Two was Toy Story Day! My children really love the first two movies and were VERY excited that #3 was coming soon to a theatre near you! Honey knows her grandchildren well and knew that anything Toy Story related was going to be a big hit. We are short on pictures for this day because my sweet dad made a quick trip to the lake for Caryn and...

six of her closest friends since Jr. high!

But, I have heard in detail about this day and wanted to document their fun. They day started with Toy Story Yahtzee that Aunt Kacey had the priviledge of leading ;)

Followed by a round of Toy Story Bingo and a Wii Toy Story tournament!

And no Cousin Camp Toy Story Day would be complete without seeing the actual movie, so that's what they did. Honey took all 4 of them by herself to see Toy Story--Gotta love grandparents!!

After GP got home they enjoyed some time outside on the Toy Story Slip N Slide.

Another Super Fun day at Cousin Camp!

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MLP said...

Couldn't they take some cousin friends?!?

Wow! I love cousin camp. Angie, your parents are amazing!!! What memories for your kids. Wow!!! That's just all I can say!:)