Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cousin Camp 2009

First of all I think I need to thank Honey and GP for an awesome weekend. Ryan has been talking about Cousin Camp all week and he remembers every little detail so thank you for all your hard work and making this SO FUN! Cousin Camp rule #1 you must be 3 years old and potty trained so Ally, Wyatt and Lila will have to wait a little while to join the fun.

The excitement all began on Thursday night with GAME NIGHT. At 8:00 they headed to Tilt in the mall and started the weekend off right. After bed time+using real money in the machines=Awesomeness!

They then headed to the MAC Game Room for a little more action.

Then off to bed after a little story time with Honey.

Friday was ANT Day. That's right an entire day all about ants. This was perfect for Ryan and Stacey. They had ants for breakfast, made a delicious ant snack, painted 2 ant crafts, had a science lesson on the anatomy of ants, counted, sorted and classified and also learned a scripture(Proverbs 30:25 about ants)!!!

Making edible play dough

Off to the park to gather rocks for their ant craft

Hard at work

Of course they had play time at the park too.

Painting their rocks to make a cool ant craft

Color time with Honey

Whew!!! During all that fun they were earning stickers for their behavior chart. They both filled it up in one day by talking kindly to on another, obeying, helping pick up and just being overall amazing children:-)! Since they filled their chart, it was off to Toys R Us to pick out a treat. Ryan chose a Bionacle and III chose a Goofy Pez.

Saturday was all about WATER. They had fun in the sun learning about water. They had a science experiment-sink or float, froze and thawed water, washed GP's truck and III's bike, played with water balls, water guns, enjoyed crafts, and swam.

Ryan said he loved shooting Ella (the dog) with a water gun. I thing that was a highlight of the day for him! They had lunch in the fort...

Painted with Popsicles,

Ate WATERmelon (nice one dad),

Painted fish and made a sequin fish,

And ended the day with a bubble bath fit for a king.

I am so blessed to have such amazing parents. Thank you mom for all your creative, loving kindness and boundless energy. And thank you dad for taking all these pictures, allowing glitter in the house and joining in on all the fun. The boys love that you and Honey both participated in everything. We love you both so much and we are just amazed at all you guys do for us!!!
Cousin Camp ended with a trophy presentation (of course), and a promise that they would get to go again next year. Whoo-Hoo!!!!


Jen said...

No way!!! I cannot get over this! Wow. Ant Day alone blew me away, and that was just one day! Honey and guys are the best grandparents EVER. I'm taking notes for a few years down the road... :)

Mindy said...

At this time I would like to nominate Honey and GP for Grandparents of the Year! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fun weekend...those boys will never, ever forget memories like that!

Sherrie said...

Allie was gone to cousins camp this past weekend too. Cute, cute ideas!!

Caryn said...

So fun - your post looked a little better than my CRAZY pictures of all sizes post!! What blessed boys.

shannonmichaelis said...

what blesses cousins! and how fun to even have cousins! i feel like i have ants in my pants after reading this. :-) your mom is fantastic for even thinking this up much less doing it.

Katy said...


Jill said...

That is such a great idea!!! That will make an impression on them forever.

Edison said...

Wow - no wonder she runs a school!

Sally said...

HOW SWEET and fun that looked!!! ahhh! And that honey is something else.... :)

Kimberly said...

I want to go to Cousin Camp! I love it! I'm going to forward this to my parents and see if they'd be interested in running one next summer!

Too cute!