Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

This morning it was curiously quiet in our house, so I naturally started to think something must be wrong. To my surprise this is what I found...Ryan and Ally just hanging out in Ryan's room like a couple of teenagers. I LOVE these two children so very much. It is very rare for Ryan to allow Ally in his room without me (I don't yet know how she pulled that one off:-)).

This is more of what their relationship looks like. Ally desperately trying to hug Ryan as he runs from her. Brothers...they can be so tough to catch!
I caught him on film giving Ally a little love back. Melt. my. heart.
I really enjoy seeing their relationship in action. Since I have no brothers this is all new to me. I love the way that Ryan is already protective of her, and I adore the way she cannot get enough of him. Even if he's being ugly to her she runs back for more. Lord thank you again for these precious little miracles.


Caryn said...

you really captures A LOT with those pictures!!!

Shannon said...

Wow - true of brothers and sisters. Blake is one of my best friends, and was always so protective of us girls...still to this day!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

These two are always going to be close. You can tell! Ryan's smile is too cute. So true.

Mindy said...

This is a GREAT post and SO TRUE!!! Love the photos and moments you captured. Such precious children! God is so good!!!

Jill said...

I love the itsy bitsy video! Did you paint her flowers in her room? That is precious!