Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sweet playdate

We got to watch one of Ally's best friends this morning, Charley. He is just the sweetest little guy, and we love it when he comes to play. I decided to take them to our new gym the MAC, and they had a "ball"(I know I'm cheesy:). They were so funny. I walked on the walking track first and they must have run 2 miles each laughing the whole time. Then we went downstairs to play basketball, which was a HUGE hit! Here they are picking the perfect ball. They both had to try out several different ones to make their final decision.

Charley was really good at saying "cheese" for me...if only I had a real camera:)
Sheer joy having the perfect bouncy ball!!!
Ally come sit by me:)
Such little cuties.

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MLP said...

Those certainly are little cuties! Quite the adorable couple I must say!!!

Where is MAC!?!?!