Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Granny Liz

Late last Thursday night my sweet Granny Liz passed away. My family was so thankful that God showed His mercy and that she did not have to suffer long. She had breast and bone cancer for the last several years, and she was very active until the last couple weeks. Just six weeks ago she was in town and we had an awesome day together. As I am writing I am thinking about the last conversation we had last week. I asked her if she needed anything at all to make her more comfortable and she said that she wanted me to make her rum cake. She wanted to make sure someone could make this treasured dessert. I was so honored that she allowed me to use her recipe and I was also scared thinking that I wouldn't succeed. The cake turned out OK, and she ate every single bite:) She kept telling me how good it was and how proud of me she was. That is the way she lived her life, she was an encourager and she gave compliments freely. I am so thankful for the legacy that she has left for our family. An amazing woman. She put God first and then she knew how to enjoy life. I have such fond memories of her and they are almost all about living life to the fullest. She loved her garden, she loved to eat delicious food, she loved to dance, and she loved the lake.

My sisters and I basically lived at the lake every summer and we would almost always show up with several friends. She was such a gracious host and she truly was invested in my life and what was going on with me as well as those I was close to. We had a uniquely close relationship and she always shot me straight. She was an avid reader and in college she would send me a "clipping" a week. Mostly from the newspaper, some article she thought I would enjoy. I always thought that was so thoughtful that she would read something and then think...well, I bet Angie would like this. In some later envelopes in college she would include a $5 bill, for a coke:) I am really going to miss her.

We celebrated her life on Monday in Lubbock and my Dad did an incredible job officiating the service. He was so strong and got everything just the way she wanted it. My children were also amazing. I really felt like they were just covered in prayer because they made it through several exhausting days like little pros. When my Dad was praying the final prayer at her gravesite Ally said VERY loudly that "GP's sleepy, mommy GP's so sleepy" I guess because his eyes were shut during the prayer? Ryan also had some very interesting questions. I am amazed at how much his little 5 year old mind can grasp!!!! We explained to him that Granny Liz has passed away and that we would be going to Lubbock for the funeral. On the way to school on Friday he asked me, "How can Granny Liz be in Heaven and Lubbock?" and then the follow up question "Is Heaven in Lubbock?" So sweet and innocent and amazing are my children. Granny Liz would have really gotten a hoot out of these two at her service!!

I am so thankful to know that I will see her again. :)


Caryn said...

Such a sweet post Angie. The clip a week, so sweet! Love you.

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Oh Angie, this brought tears to my eyes. She sounds like a beautiful person inside and out. I know she will be missed. The rum cake part was so touching. I know someday you will be able to pass this same precious recipe onto your daughter and tell her all about the amazing woman behind it. Big hugs to you. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

MLP said...

Oh Angie...I didn't know about this. What an amazing tribute to such a beautiful woman. From what you described, I can see where you have received many of YOUR beautiful attributes. Your post made me cry. I am thinking of your sweet family & saying prayers.

Much love!

Shannon said...

Tears - just like after reading Caryn's post about this amazing lady! Love you guys so much and I am so thankful that I got to spend many summers at Granny Liz's house and got to know this precious lady!

shannonmichaelis said...

I feel like I somewhat lost a grandmother as well reading this. She was like a family member to all of us - such sweet memories on Lake LBJ. Thanks for sharing the wonderful stories. Praying for you guys!

Nicki W. said...

such a nice post. sounds like she was a wonderful woman!