Thursday, October 16, 2008

Book Fair

Last night we got to go to the FWCS book fair and Ryan and Ally had a blast. They both really love looking at books and reading, so this was the perfect event for our family. Honey was there too so it was extra fun!! Ryan absolutely LOVES anything Star Wars related which is so interesting because he's never seen any of the movies, but he gravitates towards star wars any chance he gets. This in one of the books he picked out.
Honey gave Ally this cool lion that has a plastic cage like a purse...which she has been carrying nonstop.
Taking a ride on a lion
"I do it" too!!! We hear that a lot right now:)

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Mindy said...

OH my...we hear that "I do it too" phrase at our house A LOT!! Funny!

Cute book fair pics. I can remember the book fairs at Woodway Elementary so vividly.

Your kiddos are sure cutie patoooties!!!