Monday, October 13, 2008

Lazy Days

Yesterday poor Ryan was sick so he was pretty puny most of the afternoon. At some point, he decided to lay down on the floor to read his Highlight magazine(thanks Aunt Cary)!!! And of course little sis had to sit down and read her magazine too. Her magazine of choice is always Reader's Digest, which is funny on two levels. One, that we get Reader's Digest (I thought only old people get that little jewel:) and two that Ally chose that to "read". We have had a little bit of a hectic time at our house lately, so it was really nice to have some time to veg out. Ryan is MUCH better today and we have been taking it easy with the painters this morning. These are the pictures that I'm so glad I'll have one day:).


Kacey said...

I love how much she looks up to him already! He is a GREAT big brother!

MLP said...

Those are just precious. Hope Ryan is all better! Great seeing y'all on Saturday.