Saturday, May 11, 2013

WCS Field Day

 One of my kids FAVORITE day each year is FIELD DAY! This year the school was divided into dens and the same family is in the same den so we were with our cousins the whole day, which is always a treat.  Our den color is purple so that's the color we wore.  Let the craziness begin!

Finding marbles in a tub of ice with your feet = fun.

 Some "mini" fans.  These three are TROUBLE

 After the morning festivities inside different classroom it was time for lunch and the outside portion of the day.  Brady and I showed up at lunch which was a good call :).
 GOOOOO purple!
 Scooter competition

 fans of field day

 ball between your legs relay

 and my favorite back to back relay

 The biggest hit of the day was the ice cream truck.  These two twines love them some sweets!
 Messy and his brother Marvin
 and then the much anticipated SHAVING CREAM FIGHT!! 
 the giggles were endless

 and then the 3rd grade...a bit more intense

 quick pic of my first grade nephew, loving life!

I know this day is a lot of work for the teachers and PE coach but my kids LOVE it.  THANKS WCS for another fantastic field day!

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