Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mother's Day in Pictures

I love Mother's Day! It's one day a year that I know will be filled with hugs and smiles and sweet roses...or maybe not, but still a great day :).  This year Kacey had the Brilliant idea to take all 10 cousins' pictures and frame it for my mom.  Kacey had a 3 week old mind you but still she somehow organized this, and I LOVE IT!!! Thanks Kacey for making this happen.  I was very worried about Brady taking a picture but should have been more concerned with my eldest and his horrible attitude.

Sweet cousins

 In typical mark Wood fashion I was given my mother's day gift a day early:) which I never have a problem with.  Ryan and Ally made me sweet cards and I got...
 A ninja blender! I couldn't help but think of Father of the Bride when she weeps over receiving a blender! I wasn't sad at all but it still made me giggle.
 Ally saved me her gift until Sunday morning.
 A sweet handprint from a  sweet girl!
 After church it was lunch at Honey and GPs with all the cousins

 I mean stop it! look at how cute he is!!
 Nana and Sam made the drive from Lubbock and we always enjoy their visits.
 3 generations,
 lots of girls,
 The Wood family,
 Caryn and her boys
 and my super silly one!
I am extremely blessed.

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