Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brady's You Are My Sunshine First Birthday

Look who's ONE today!!! I have told my family and friends that I honestly cannot believe that it's been a YEAR since we were holding our baby Brady in the hospital.  This has been the fastest year of my life and I am so thankful and grateful that the Lord chose us to be your parents Brady.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY little man.  We love you to pieces.

For his party I did a "You are my Sunshine" theme and it went great.  (Warning a lot of pictures:))
Smash cake by Susie Mellen...I LOVED it

 Decorations and Food

 (thank you Kristin for this sign it was perfect!)

 The fabric garland

 Mark and Brady
 Ally caught red...er um yellow handed
 Brady loves his sister 'ah-ee'
 Gp and Brady
 The Warrens with a BOY...Kacey will have her sweet boy next week...eeeekkkkk!
the three C's...love that yall wore yellow :)
 It wasn't sunny outside but we survived the wind, Brady loved his "ball-pit"
 and so did the big cousins

 III's got skills
 Ally And AnnMarie
 my people
 Honey with her baby
 boys will be boys
 He carried a ball with him the whole party.  Time for CAKE

my favorite picture
 after cake it was gifts galore

Ms. Erica
 First real shoes...too small but super cute

Brady you really are my sunshine! Thank you for bringing such joy into our family.  Happy day!

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