Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Paul Revere and the Midnight Ride into 3rd grade

This year has been SUCH a wonderful year for Ryan.  He adores his teacher and has some really great friends in his class.  Third grade work has been more challenging for him and he loves a challenge!  Last week his class presented their historical biography projects, and they were really fantastic.  Ryan was Paul Revere and he did a great job.
Some historical friends

 And my Paul Revere...so maybe his hat was on the wrong way and Paul definitely didn't wear black and yellow under armour shoes but the fact that he got up in front of 40 people, read his report, with power point and props was AWESOME!!!
 We had to make a quick exit after Ryan gave his presentation because this guy cannot be still or quiet :)
 His favorite trick is getting Honey's name tag 
 Great job Ryan! You amaze me.


shannonmichaelis said...

I had to comment on this. Justin did a presentation for Thomas Jeffersona nd I found out last minute he had to wear a costume. The ONLY thing I could get off Amazon in time was this very same blue outfit!

Kicker is everyone laughed at him and asked who he was. He refused to wear the hat due tot the laughter. Good talk on friends making unkind comments...

Melissa said...

Ryan doing that IS huge! So proud of him! My momma loved seeing you the other day. She said David and Angie in the same day...that was a great day! Ha ha! Love you lady.