Friday, June 7, 2013

Ryan's Awards Ceremony and Ally's Kindergarten Graduation

 Another school year has come to an end and we celebrated their school success with an awards ceremony for Ryan, and my sweet Ally girl graduated Kindergarten (sniff, sniff).   I really think this year flew by and cannot believe we now have a 4th grader and a 1st grader in our house!!

Ryan was the only 3rd grader to run over 40 miles in milage club...which means he ran over a 1.4miles  each and every week.  Such a feat! Stacey was the first grader to win the award.  way to go cousins!

Ryan also got straight A's for the year, the Leadership award, WOW cat for the 2nd six weeks, the music award for the 2nd six weeks, and 4th place in the track meet for the 100 relay and the National patch for the Presidential Fitness Challenge.  We were SO proud of Ryan.  He really excels at school and third grade was no exception
Thank goodness Grandma was there to help me with wiggle worm Brady, we wouldn't have made it without her help! After the awards ceremony it was time for the annual signing party.
Honey and her #1 grandchild
Ryan and the fabulous Mrs. Stroman
annuals being signed

some WCS ladies I love hanging with every year
The next day was Ally's big day.  She was really excited about wearing some "high heels" from Grandma and she probably told me 100 times she could NOT wear a bow in her hair, because of the cap and gown.  She really was so cute and so thrilled to be going to 1st grade.  
Meet Juricson...Ally gave this to Mark to take to work and he surprised her and brought this critter to her graduation.  They both got a good giggle.
check out those shoes!
sweet sweet Kindergarten grads
Ally was the fastest girl in Kindergarten!! Or maybe not the fastest but she too ran the most miles in mileage club.  We were shocked and so proud of our baby girl!
Receiving her diploma
Mrs. Sims adjusting her cap and then giving Ally the PE award for the 3rd 6 weeks, the WOW cat award for the first 6 weeks, the wonderful writer award and the generosity award.  Mrs. Sims chose 1 timothy 6:18 for Ally.  Command them to do good, to be generous and willing to share.  We were BEAMING.  SO proud of you Ally girl!! 

Ally and her sweet friend Mia
The 3 Amigos.  Honestly these are Ally's very best buds and I hope these three will always remain friends.  LOVE that we get to be in class with our cousin and best friend!
#3 and #4 and graduates
She always makes me laugh!
And Grandma loves her only granddaughter to pieces.
We have some amazing kids and are really proud of who they are becoming.  
Love you Ryan and Ally! Have a wonderful Summer

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