Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ryan's Award Ceremony---proud momma post!

 Ryan is an official 3rd grader!! I sometimes look at this year and it seems to have flown by...but then I see a pregnant pic of myself and remember that each day seemed like a month!!! So weird but the old adage is true the days are long but the years fly by!
Here's my 2nd grader in his last week of school

Ryan ran 43.25 miles this year in PE.  Can you believe that?? I think I ran .25 miles this year :)

 Then it was the 2nd grade awards delivered by Mrs. Wallace. 
He received these awards...

 All A Honor Roll, and the Spelling Bee Champ---oh yea!!!
It is such a gift to have Honey as the Principal.  I love that.
 And that Grandma is here in town too and gets to see all of RW's accomplishments this year.
I don't think that words can express just how much we adore Mrs. Wallace.  Ryan is a better person because of this amazing, caring, Christian teacher.  Thank you for loving our Ryan all year (and for forgiving me when I forgot numerous things this year...prego brain in full effect)
 Ryan Wood---HOW can you be a third grader?? I am in some sort of denial here I think.  You are an amazing young man and I am honored to be your mother.  Thank you for given me grace this year and for being an AWESOME kid! Love you SOOOO much.

 (Sorry Brady boy that we cut you out of our family photo-HA!)

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