Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dance Dance Baby

Ally had her third dance recital last weekend and she did GREAT! She is a beautiful ballerina and has some serious tap moves too.  I love every second of being a Dance Mom and was very proud of her.
Mommy and my Ally girl---I love that we have a daughter! 
Ally and her boys
Guess who else was at our recital?  LILA!! I mean come on she's the cutest giraffe ever.
Ally and her dance bud Bella
 Showin her stuff
 who knew burpees were a part of tap??
 "Wait a minute Mr. Postman"
 Ally and her many fans :)
 sweet little class
 Thank goodness GP was there to hold Brady while we changed tights and got ready for ballet.  Check out how big he is?? Almost two months now.  Thank you GP for the rose!
 The Warrens were here to see Lila preform, and Ally acts like she has a third set of grandparents---pretty funny!
 Aunt Cary getting some much needed girl time!
 The girls get James Avery charms after each recital.  It is such a fun tradition and Ally loves her new butterfly
 Daddy and his baby girl
~We love the JOY you bring when you dance Ally~

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